While my husband Nerraine Lima introduced me to chocolate making and desserts, my journey into entrepreneurship began after my first born Nathan came into our lives. My husband's enthusiasm for cooking, desserts and chocolate making and both my sons' gourmet appetite brought me where I am today. For me they are the original founders of Nathan's Treatbox.

As a mother, I began to get conscious about the ingredients that go into desserts and sweets and started understanding what local bakeries offer. I decided to start experimenting with desserts using healthier alternatives. This experiment started with brownies, replacing maida (refined flour) and refined sugar with wholewheat flour and jaggery respectively. The recipe was instantly approved by my gourmet team - husband and the kids, and gradually became a hit with the crowd at various local food stalls.

After years of making handicrafts and homemade edible goodies under my first home business namely Homemade Basket, I've recently started a dedicated brand purely for premium quality homemade desserts, bakes and sweet cravings of different varieties. That's how Nathan's Treatbox began. We believe in making recipes which are without maida, refined sugar, synthetic chocolate ( compound chocolate), preservative, artificial flavour and artificial colour. We take pride in mentioning that our products contain premium quality ingredients like vanilla extract, pure chocolate (couverture chocolate), freshly ground wholewheat and millet flour, jaggery, etc.

Nerraine and I would love to continue adding more goodies to the menu gradually in the near future.

We hope you relish them as much as we enjoy making them for you, while adding happiness and sunshine to your lives.

I'm Sonia Judith Lima, co-founder and owner of Nathan's Treatbox. Thankyou for taking the time to know 'about us'.